15 December, 2008
On monday, wednesday and thursday doctor Ten Kate will enforce our team. She will do consultancies at least till summer of 2009.

13 October, 2008
This year the flu-injection will be administered on tuesday the 11th of november from 14:00 to 16:00. The invitation for receiving the flu-injection will be posted soon.

02 August, 2008
Doctor Visser has given birth to a girl Ciska. Both of them are fine.

07 July, 2008
Doctor Visser is on pregnancy leave untill the end of october 2008. Doctor Ten Kate will replace doctor Visser during her leave.

13 March, 2008
Gradually the practice is changing. There is a new doorbell and we will start painting before the 1st of june. The website will be launched in august this year.

01 January, 2008
General Practice Schinkelkade wishes you a happy and healthy new year.