06 December, 2010
Our practice received the NHG-quality label, thus belonging to the best-practices.

04 October, 2010
On the 16th of November we plan to administer the flu-vaccination. The invitations will be sent shortly.

30 August, 2010
Due to circumstances doctor Laven is temporarily unfit for duty. From october he will be partially fit. It is expected that he will be recovered in november.

30 June, 2010
As from the 1st of july we will have a new telephone operating system. This will improve our service. There is also a continuous service for repeat prescriptions.

24 April, 2010
In July doctor Ten Kate will return to our practice. The schedule has been changed a little. As from the end of july doctor Ten Kate will be available for consultation on mondays, thursdays and fridays. Doctor Laven will be available for consultation on mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays.

15 March, 2010
Doctor Ten Kate has given birth to a son Ilan. Both of them are fine.

22 January, 2010
Doctor Ten Kate is on pregnancy leave untill the end of july 2010. She will be replaced by doctor Woertman and doctor Bax.

01 January, 2010
General Practice Schinkelkade wishes you all the best