We are trying to serve you at our best. However it may occur that you are not satisfied on our service. When so, we would like to hear this from you. Only by means of this, we can improve our service. By clicking here you can download and print a complaints form. When filled in you can return this at our office. The doctor will then contact you by phone or mail.

What can you do with your complaint?

Discuss the complaint with your doctor

  • First try to discuss the problem with your doctor. This is also the case when there has been a problem with the assistant or with the replacement doctor. If your doctor does not know that you are not satisfied, he or she cannot try to solve this problem. After this, when you still feel that your problem isn't solved, you can read further what other options you have.
  • If this is not helpful you can get help from an independant complaints officer. The complaints officer will aid you and help you to find a solution to your complaint or problem. The complaints officer can try to mediate, will not choose a side and has no judgement on your complaint. Everything you tell is private information. You can use the form on the website of the SKGE. The complaints officer occasionally can be reached on 088-0229190
  • Whenever you are still at unease by the mediation of the complaints officer, you can ask for a verdict on your complaint from the counsil. This independant commission is made up from a chairman ( judge ) members of the patiŽnt platforms and members of the general practitioners. The commission is supported by a secretary, who also is a rights person. The verdict of the consil is a binding verdict. More information on thsi subject is to be found at