In General:

Huisartsenpraktijk Schinkelkade follows the " Data Protection Act " abbreviated to WBP. This law describes how we should handle your data. This law is designed to promote that your personal data will be handled carefully . The data must be accurate and complete and should be used only in principle for the purpose for which you have provided for them . Some data , you want them to be kept confidential , they shall be decided only by the person or body that need them and that they not be further away spread than is necessary . After all your personal information. Information about the Data Protection Act legislation can be found at

Specific for our practice:

In order to ensure that Huisartspraktijk Schinkelkade carefully handles your data , in accordance with the Data Protection Act , we have created this privacy policy , containing the following components:


Patient data are processed in a proper and careful manner and only for the purposes for which they have been collected. Data can be collected during consultations, treatments or otherwise. Purposes include:

  • In the context of providing care (treatment, referral, transfer , integrated care).
  • Use the purpose of conducting effective management and policies , including the monitoring of their own quality of care.
  • For the purpose of scientific research, as long anonymous
  • Other purposes , if agreed in advance with patient


This includes the processing of general patient information , health data and genetic data. General patient data are processed only if one or more of the following conditions are met:

  • The patient has given consent for the processing (oral or written)
  • Processing is necessary for the provision of general medical care to patients
  • Closing for efficiency and quality, provided anonymously
  • Processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation
  • Processing is necessary to combat a serious danger to the health of the patient
Health information from the patient are processed only if one or more of the following conditions are met:
  • Processing is done by the staff as far as that in view of the proper treatment and care of the patient is necessary
  • Processing done at the request of the insurer the extent necessary for the assessment of the institution by ensuring that the insurance risk, or to the extent necessary for the performance of an insurance contract.
Genetic data of the patient are processed only in relation to the patient himself, unless the following conditions are met:
  • A strong prevail medical interest, or The processing is necessary for scientific research and statistics

Organisation of data protection:

General Practice Schinkelkade has taken the following measures and working arrangements to ensure that patient data be handled carefully:

  • All employees who handle patient data or otherwise take note of patient data is kept in secrecy. By signing the contract requiring all employees to do so, as well as the GP practice owner himself
  • Patient data is stored no longer than necessary; medical records are kept in principle fifteen years or for as long as reasonably necessary to provide responsible care.
  • Only authorized personnel have access to the digital data. To this end, the HIS with the patient is provided with a login password for each employee personally.
  • The rooms in which data is stored is not accessible
  • Patients are informed about the collection and processing of data by the practice for the first registration of the patient at the practice by pointing to the information on the website
  • The installation of the practice takes into account the maximum protection of data privacy

Patient Rights:

The list below is a list of patient rights:

  • The patient has the right to access all information collected about him and processed
  • The patient is entitled to a copy of him or her collected and processed data. Practice provide a copy after a written and signed request of the patient. To provide this information will be a fee of 4.50 Euro per copy of processing. To obtain a copy of the complete dossier and in more than 100 pages, 25 Euro requested as compensation. From 200 pages, 50 Euro requested as compensation. The written request shall be scanned in the patient file. If only one print of lab results (maximum 3 A4 sheets), it is considered no compensation for this.
  • The patient may request addition and / or correction of the collected and processed data, provided incomplete and / or factually incorrect
  • The patient can request removal or limited use of collected and processed data
  • Right to inspect or copy and requests for addition, correction, limited use or disposal can be refused by the practice to the extent necessary to protect a substantial interest of another [including the protection of the privacy of these other ] and / or in cases of detention pursuant to a [legal] prescription is required
  • If the patient feels that these rules are not sufficiently respected by the practice, he or she can file a complaint with the practice. Like to write to Huisartspraktijk Schinkelkade tnv F.P.A. Laven and / or S.Visser, general practitioners. Also, one can appeal to the Data Protection [CBP] if there is a dispute over the exercise of rights. Responding responsibly it on an access request, or a person not satisfied with the response, then the person can submit a request for mediation with the CBP
  • Where the patient can not represent themselves, the legal representative shall take his / her place
  • If the patient makes a request for access to or correction of his / her personal data, it must be able to demonstrate that he / she is indeed the person is who he / she wants to see or correct the data. It is not intended that a patient data from others can correct
  • Patients receive if possible keep track of their digital data in the Integrated Care Information System. They do so individually receive a personal username and password, which a part of the personal data is accessible