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From 1 January 2015, a GP on duty may only view your file at the GP post if you have given permission for this. You can indicate this online at or you can arrange this in practice. You can also choose not to give permission and, in addition, you can always withdraw permission once it has been issued.

Healthcare providers, such as a general practitioner or pharmacy, can connect their computer system to the secured network of the NSP. Our employees handle your medical data with care. These are stored in your medical file on a highly secured computer. In this file, the GP makes notes about your health, for example about the consultations, results of examinations, diagnoses and prescribed medicines. This is necessary to provide good care. It is, of course, confidential information. Therefore, your GP should not share this information with anyone, including other healthcare providers, unless you give your express permission.

Who can access your data?
Only those in our practice who are directly involved in your treatment can view your data. These are, for example: the attending general practitioner, the assistant and the practice nurse. They only view your file if this is necessary for your treatment. Healthcare providers, such as a general practitioner or pharmacy, can connect their computer system to the secured network of the NSP. Sometimes you have to use an acting GP, for example outside office hours at the GP post, or if your own GP is sick or on vacation. The acting GP can view your data if necessary to treat you properly. In acute situations, the practitioner can view your data via the National Switch Point [NSP]. However, this is only possible if you have previously given your GP permission to share your data. The National Switch Point [NSP] ensures fast and reliable electronic exchange of medical data.

How is access to your data arranged?
Your data is only available to other healthcare providers if you have given your explicit permission. Current developments in modern technology allow us to enter your consent to our practice separately.
Nowadays you can also see via the website [after logging in to your personal environment with DigiD] exactly from which other health center, general practice or pharmacy your data has been viewed. You can also see at a glance at which healthcare providers have given you permission and whether they have been processed. From 1 October 2019, you will also see your own general practice there.

Your permission
You can arrange your permission digitally via, in writing with the special consent form in the Volgjezorg folder, via the registration form of our practice or orally at our practice. Your consent will then be recorded in our computer system. Giving permission is voluntary: the choice is yours and no one else.

Ability to withdraw consent
You can always withdraw your given permissions. This can be done digitally via, in writing via the change form or orally at our practice.

For more information
Look at for more information about sharing your medical data.