Actual information on the coronavirus outbreak

All development issues and notifications on the corona virus outbreak will be updated on a daily basis by the "Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu" [ RIVM ]. Most up-to-date and actual information is to be found there. Do you have general questions on the corona virus? Please contact the public line of the RIVM : Telephonenumber 0800 13 51.

Are you worried about your own health or the health of close contacts / relatives?

When one or both of the next statements are applicable to you, then by clicking on the text you will be sent to the dutch General Practitioners website van gestuurd.

  • I am afraid I am infected with the new coronavirus.
  • I want to prevent contracting the new corona virus.
  • What is known about the corona vaccination.
  • Corona Vaccination Strategy scheme 2021.

  • Are you currently ill and possibly infected with the new coronavirus? DO NOT COME to our practice, but contact us by phone. This is to prevent further spreading of the virus.

    Do you soon have an appointment in our practice?

    When you have an appointment in the near future in our practice and you have a cold, at minimum 38 celsius fever, suffering from airway problems [ running nose, coughing or shortness of breath ] We ask you to contact us by phone on weekdays between 08:00 and 17:00 , telephone number 020 673 0821.

    Attention to not shake hands.

    To prevent further spreading of the corona virus we don't shake hands anymore. We ask for your understanding.