This is the website of the general practice "Schinkelkade". The practice is located at Schinkelkade 18 on the brink of the sub-urbs 'Oud-West' en 'Oud-Zuid'. The practice is bordering a canal called 'De Schinkel' and includes the area's with area code 1054 1057 1058 1059 1062 1071 1075 en 1076. Click here for a detailed map of our region [ within the red lines ]. In our practice approximately 4300 patients are enrolled. Sadly we have to inform you that, as from the first of september 2018, our practice is closed for new patients to enroll.

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Call us at 020 673 0821 for inquiries or appointments

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Or for questions you can mail us at

(not for medical questions)

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Is our practice closed and are you looking for the adres our phonenumber of the 'huisartsenpost Amsterdam West' in Amsterdam then click here.