Do I weigh to much ? When is my delivery date ? How tall will I get ? These questions can be answered when you click on the according buttons. When you fill in the necesary information, the outcome is shown directly to you.


Body Mass Index Calculator

The Body Mass Index [ BMI ], also known as Quetelet Index, is an index for weight in comparison to lenght. The BMI gives an indication for the health risk of a certain bodily weight. It has nothing to do with what we think is cosmetically best. The BMI relates to the total amount of bodily fat, but the BMI-values do not indicate the percentage of fat.


How tall will our child grow

Without taking into account diseases or accidents the final lenght of a child merely is caused by the lenght of both parents.


Expected date of delivery

To calculate your due date you'll have to take the first day from your last period. Exactly 40 weeks later is your expected delivery date.

However it is not certain when conception has taken place and only 4,5 percent of all women delivers exactly on their predicted date. More likely you will give birth 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after this due date.