It is possible to deal on certain subjects in our patient environment. For example to make an online appointment, to request a repeat prescriotpion, or to ask the doctors a short question. At the bottom of the text you will find the link that will put you through to this environment. You will enter a different website that is powered by Pharmeon. At the top there is a small link that will bring you back to our website.

First you need to be a registered patient of our practice. Otherwise your request will not be processed. You will not recieve notification in this matter when you are not registered. Next step will be to make an account on the Pharmeon website. This can be done in the left column. By creating such an account our practice will recieve a confirmation of your registration. Next your account needs to be crossmatched with our patient-database. Therefore you need to come in our practice with a valid ID to check your patientaccount. We deal with this information in a very delicate way, so we ask for your cooperation. Our pratcice will then match the accounts and as from that moment you can enter the secure patient-environment.

Due to recent changes in the privacy law, some steps will ask for confirmation again and again.
By clicking here you will be transferred to our patient-environment.


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