Mrs. E. Storm

Born in Amsterdam. Since 1972 she is a health-care worker and since 1989 as a physician assistant in our practice. From 1991-1996 she followed a course in classic homeopathy at the 'Academie voor Natuurgeneeskunde' in Amsterdam. Gradually she noticed the job changing. The need for care has increased and more attention is payed to prevention rather than curation. That's why there was a new job introduced : the nurse-practitioner. In 2003 she followed a course for nurse-practitioner and since then part of the job includes care for patients with Diabetes and Pulmonary disease. Furthermore attention is payed to prevention of heart and vesseldisease, raised cholesterol and to help in quitting to smoke.


Mrs. T. de Wit

My name is Tanya de Wit and since 1999 I am working as a psychologist in various fucntions. Since almost a year I work in a small team in General Practice Schinkelkade. It can happen to anyone: due to circumstances life could become so overwhelming, fearsome, useless or disturbing that oneself cannot come over with it. Fortunately there is low-treshold psychic support available under the roof of the general practitioner. I hope to be of advantage in helping with that by talking in the practice our refer to the specialised mental health care. Keywords for me are : tailor-made work, trust and respect for one's own wisdom. I work on monday evenings, thursdays and fridays.