General Practice 'Schinkelkade' is run by doctor Mrs.S.Visser and doctor Mr.F.Laven.

Four physician assistants also work in our practice. Often they will be your first contact for making appointments and other administrative tasks. Some of the medical questions will be dealt by them independently. They all are qualified en allowed to give advise about common illnesses like diarrea, flu, coughing, fever etc. You can also make an appointment with the assistants for measuring bloodpressure or hemoglobin-levels, removal of stitches, cleaning the ears, urine checks or woundmanagement. To do their job well, they follow courses and trainings on a regular base.

In the column on the leftside you'll find all the information on our practice, how to register ( as from the first of september 2018 this is temporarily not possible ) and what services we offer. A short resume of this is found in our office brochure. By clicking here you can download this brochure. [ you will need acrobat reader installed ].