It is possible to have your blood checked for signs of anaemia, the so-called Hb [short for haemoglobine]. This is done by a small prick in one of the fingers [often the ringfinger is used by the doctor or the physician assistant, this one wil give the least complaints]. Also in this way your bloodglucose level can be measured. These two tests show immediate results. Hopefully in short term blood can be tested for signs of infection in this way. A different kind of blood test, far less common, is a puncture of one of the veins in the forearm. This might be necessary when more than just one drop of blood is needed, like measurement of the ESR. Thereto a pressure band is placed around the upperarm, so the veins will rise clearly, and with a needle and a syringe one or more tubes of blood are withdrawn. The results of this test last longer. You can contact our office for the results [ 020-6730821 ].

Urine test

Urine can be checked for signs of infection, diabetes and blood. Best results are with freshly produced urine, that you can collect in a clean container. This can be an empty jar as well. The middle part of the urine is best suited for standard analysis; i.e. the first and last part of the urine are washed and the middle part is collected. This is the so-called midstream urine portion. When you cannot bring your sample to our practice at once, you can keep it in the fridge for several hours. The urine test often shows immediate results, less frequent it may last 24 hours. When the results are not clear or when your problems keep coming back, it is possible your urine has to be cultured at the laboratory. If so, you will receive a form which together with a urine sample, you have to bring to the lab. The result of this test often lasts 5 days. For the results you can contact our practice [ 020-6730821 ].