When your GP requests blood or tissue analysis, you'll find here how long it takes, before we have the results. No news is good news? No, results can get lost by mail. When we don't receive them, your doctor will not know the results. That is the reason why we ask you to contact us for the results. Telephone 020-6730821.


Blood tests

When you have your blood tested before 11:00, the results will be known in 2 days. Some tests are run in a specialized laboratory. The results may than take longer.

Culture tests

When your doctor wants you to have your urine or stools tested on culture, the results will take one week.

Tissue tests

When your doctor sends a tissue sample to the laboratory, the results will take 14 days or more.

Cervical smear test

When you have had a cervical smear test, the results will take 3 weeks.

X-Ray tests

When you've had an X-ray or ultrasound test, the results are often known in 1 day.

Tests by specialists

When your specialist made some tests, your specialist will get the results. These are not send to your general practitioner. A letter of your specialist will take 4-6 weeks.