After closing time of the practice, situations that cannot wait until our practice is open again, will be dealt with by the 'Stichting Huisartsen Dienstenposten Amsterdam' [ SHDA ], a doctors service foundation of Amsterdam. In such a situation you can call the central number 088 00 30 600. This will be answered by a centralist, who will inquire about your personal data and your insurance data. Keep your insurance papers ready when you make the call. When you phone you'll be connected to a speciallytrained doctor's assistant working under strict procedural guidelines. Explain your problem to the assistant and, in many cases, she or he will be able to give you the advice you need, cross-checked with the on-duty doctor. If this does not solve your problem they will consult with one of the on-duty doctors and establish the best course of action: a telephone consultation, a prescription or a home visit, for example. You cannot walk in at one of the posts, before you have had contact by phone.

In urgent situations you can press 1. Your call will be placed in front of others. In acute life-threatening conditions you should dial 112.

Most patients in our practice will be referred to the closest post, called 'Oud-West'. This post is opened on weekdays from 17:00 tot 08:00 uur. In the weekends and on national holidays the post is open all-day. The post 'Oud-West' is established next to the emergency department of the Sint Lucas Andreas hospital, address :


Jan Tooropstraat 164, 1061 AE Amsterdam